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CET Level 4

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Course Structure and Content
This is a Teacher Training course, where you learn how to teach others. Anybody who has a teaching qualification, such as the AET Level 3 (or it`s predecessor) may undertake this course. On its successful completion, you will be awarded a

Level 4: Certificate in Education and Training (CET), accredited by FHT.

This is an online course, which is broken down into three units.
Unit 1: is about developing and delivering education and training needs within your sector.

Unit 2: involves assessing learners grasp of their education and training programmes, and

Unit 3: is about managing learning and development in groups.

Each unit is broken down into sub-sections, for which the student must submit written assignments. On completing Unit 2, the Student is required to carry out practical sessions. This involves them assessing a student in front of an examiner, either via Skype or in person, together with the need to submit other supporting material. The same requirement applies to unit 3.

Course Key : Teacher Qualification
Key Meanings
M  = Model required. B  = Suitable for Beginners. K = Kit required.  C = Certificate course. 
P  = Practical assessment required.  E = Experience required.  Q  = Qualification required.
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