Eyelash Extension

Course Structure And Content

We at Sunshine want to ensure the highest standards of training take place with every course. Therefore, students will be required to go through their online manual and pass a theory test prior to undertaking their practical training. The student will be provided a detailed and comprehensive course manual (on-line) and required to pass a theory test per part of the manual, also conducted on-line. There is 4 parts to each manual and a theory test at the end of every part. This ensures students go to the course well prepared, so they get the most from their practical training and will have a lot of background knowledge. The practical training is structured around the course material, which is divided into four parts .

Part 1 - Anatomy and physiology of the Eyes and Skin (comprising 7 sub-sections.)

Part 2 - The Treatment (comprising 9 sub-sections.)

Part 3 – Hygienic working standards (comprising 8 sub-sections.)

Part 4 - Statutory Regulations and requirements (comprising 5 sub-sections.)

The emphasis is placed on the student understanding the practicalities of providing a professional treatment. They will be shown how to carry out an Eyelash Extensions treatment and be expected to carry out the treatment themselves. The student will be assessed by their educator of the session and has to satisfy them of their competence on the day. The student may also have to submit three examples of treatments given, in a prescribed case-study format, to be awarded a certificate. The pre – requisites for the Eyelash Extensions course, is the Eye Enhancements course as this course is a foundation for all other nail courses.

Within the 9 sub – sections of this course, in the practical you will learn:

⦁ Eye Preparation

⦁ Cleansing of Eyelashes

⦁ Application of Eyelash Extensions

⦁ Removal of Eyelash Extensions

Our affiliated educators are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your learning journey with Sunshine. You will also be able to download a full report on your training so you can see where your strengths and areas of development are. You will be able to gain insurance straight away from one of recommended companies.

Course Key: M C K Q P

Key Meanings:

M  = Model required.
B  = Suitable for Beginners.
K  = Kit required.
C  = Certificate course. 
P  = Practical assessment required.
E  = Experience required.
Q  = Qualification required.
Our courses are NOT just a short course but more of a foundation of your career which will allow you to go further with the knowledge you have got from your training course. Its where education shines!
In undertaking this training course to obtain a qualification and certificate in accordance with the company’s standards, you need to read and approve our Learner Agreement, which forms an important addendum to these Terms & Conditions.

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All of our courses are fully accredited and approved by Professional Beauty Direct, IPHM and Towergate. You will be able to get insurance with these companies ready to start your new career.

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* Patch test must be carried out 48 hours prior to the course.
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