Gemma Burkinshaw

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Hi I’m Gemma
I have been in the beauty industry over 20years now (geez that makes me feel
Old) and have been a qualified educator since 2008.
I am a mummy to 3 wonderful boys and I own a long established beauty, hair and aesthetic salon in Barnsley.
My teaching journey started in castleford college , then I moved into the skills exchange near castleford and Wakefield college.
I am Also known for being a calgel trainer.

I have a passion for the beauty industry and if I can share Just an ounce of my passion with my learners, then I’m doing something right.

Our role as therapists, nail technicians and alike doesn’t just stop at performing a treatment, yes, you need a passion and flare for what you do but you are so much more than that.
You are a therapist in many ways, you are also a confidant a supporter and a listener.

For a client to chose you makes you special as an individual.

So ask yourself this, “why me? “
why have they chosen you? Make it so they have no reason not to chose you.

Train with me and stand out from the rest.
I will not only train you, I will support you, guide you and help you even once you have qualified.

Training is only the beginning…


Manor Park
Telephone : 01226243300
Mobile : 07989047755

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