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Hannah Kirby
from Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset
One of our lovely Educators.
Our professional and dedicated Educators provide you with your practical training. They are the friendly and helpful people who will ensure you get the most from your course and go on to help and support you throughout your career in the Hair and Beauty sector.
Choose your Educator by name, area, or course, or a combination of all 3. You can enter full or partial details in the search boxes. For example, if you are looking for an Educator with the surname of Knowles, you only need to enter the first few characters of the name and press search. This will give you a broader search rather than entering all the characters in the name. A list of Educators meeting your selection criteria will be displayed. Press the View icon to view Educator details.
Surname First Name Area View
  Csehi-Alexa   Barbara   Bath
  Diggle   Clair   Glossop, Manchester and North West
  Edmunds   Rachael   Berkshire
  Ewins   Jen   Warwickshire, Midlands
  Fowler   Rebecca   Somerset
  Gallagher   Natasha   
  Gardner   Mandy   Accrington, lancashire
  Green   Jessie   Stratford upon Avon
  Greensill   Charlotte   Lincolnshire Lincoln and surrounding areas
  Gwozdzicki   Megan   Buckinghamshire
Debbie Brown
from Edinburgh
Another of our lovely Educators.
Phone: 01823 339 412
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