Be wary of who is training you because in the future you may find their certificates to be worthless.
Even although a training school may be accredited, that means nothing - its the quality of training and controls they use to maintain high standards which is important. If a training school has poor standards and no controls over quality, their certificates lower the standards the industry is trying so hard to improve. Over time, the industry is determined to root out training schools only interested in making money by issuing certificates with no regard to improving industry standards. By rooting out these below standard training schools, this will make you proud of your certificates and of being a professional in an industry which maintains high standards.

Imagine if in a few years time you hold a certificate of one of those training schools found to be wanting, your certificate becomes worthless - a joke in the industry. That`s not fair on you, because you are a professional and want to maintain the highest standards. Therefore, before you undertake your next training course ensure you training school offers the following as a minimum.
Theory Training
Every recognised profession in the world requires their students to have a good and solid understanding of the theory before they attempt any practical work or exercises.

Most training schools in our industry electronically submit poorly constructed manuals to students before they attend their practical. They expect the student to read through them, and in some cases, submit a test (but this is rare.) The training school may cover some theory on the practical training day, but that cuts into the student’s practical training, and if the student has a poor grasp of the theory, they won’t get the best from their practical. Training schools don’t really care as they are only interested in issuing certificates, not about your professional development.

All the above is wrong. Properly delivered theory training should comprise the following:-
Carefully and well constructed course material, set out in a clear, logical manner.
This should be delivered to students on-line and broken down into the different sections comprising the course.
Students should be required to pass tests on each section, and only allowed to progress once they have passed.
Material should consist of well presented written, graphic and video content to facilitate the learning process.
The above ensures students have a thorough understanding of the subject and are ready to undertake their practical.

Detailed information on the student`s progress is recorded and made available to the Educator, ready for their practical training.
Practical Training
Most training schools hold practical training where multiple students attend. This means, at best, students only get a small percentage of the educators time. Educators dont know what the student understands of the subject so cannot adapt to their needs, and in big classes, this is not practical anyway. They may also waste time going over the theory in a cursory fashion. The net result is below standard training. Again, this does not concern the training school, they have your money. They issue certificates irrespective of the students standard.

All the above is wrong. Properly delivered practical training should comprise the following:-
The Educator should have a clear picture of the students understanding of the theory.
Based on this the Educators draws up a lesson plan for the student.
They should limit the class size so that students are given optimum time with them to be able to grasp the necessary techniques.
Educators must follow their lesson plan and record student progress in terms of this plan.
The Educator, on completion of the course, submits their lesson plan, and course record, which records students response to the plan, to a review body who assesses the student and decides on whether or not to issue a certificate.
The above procedures ensure the student is given the best training possible, because the training school has ensured the highest standards are maintained throughout the process, and that no corners are cut. This provides a full and accurate record for the accreditation company to ensure certificates are only issued to those who deserve them. This makes your certificates from such a training schools valuable. If a training school does not provide these procedures, be wary - they will be rooted out of the industry (in due course) and your certificates issued by them, will be worthless.

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