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Choosing the correct Training Provider

In this blog, I am going to discuss the importance of choosing the correct training provider for you and your business. It is very important that you get the most from your training provider and know what they offer before committing to them.

A lot of people in the industry will say “make sure, you can get insurance?” The reality is it is not just about the insurance. You need to also feel confident in the treatment, you have learnt and ensure you have learnt everything you need to know about the treatment, right down to the basics.

Many training providers will promise you the world, but in fact they can’t even deliver on the basics of the treatment, let alone contra – indications and consultation.

There are many fundamental basics with all training courses that all training providers need to cover when delivering a training course. You need to do research before choosing your training provider. 

Here are a few different things to consider when you are looking at choosing a training provider: 

Creditability – Look at the Training Providers website and look at their reviews, awards (if they are not visible on the website, ask them, remember anyone can say they are award winning but doesn’t mean they are). What is the company’s status within the industry, do they have good reviews and word of mouth or negative reviews.

Accreditation – Accreditation is an important factor to the course as this helps insurance companies recognise the qualification you are taking. If you are unsure that the training provider is accredited, check out their website, most accreditation companies, allow you to view their accredited academies online with a simple search. 

Training Needs – When thinking about the course you wish to take, don’t just go on price, look at all the factors which make up the training provider. For instance, look at the company as a whole and see if it suits you and your business needs. Make sure you contact the training provider before purchasing a course so you can be sure they meet all your requirements. A good training provider will want to understand your objectives and not afraid to give you the feedback needed regarding the course as well as seeing if you are suitable for the course, if not giving you feedback on how you can develop your skills.        

Course offering –
It is not always a positive thing for a training provider to offer lots of courses as this doesn’t show the training provider is looking for quality over quantity. Having said that there are many trusted training providers that offer many courses but still keep their training standards high. 

Delivery of Courses – A trusted training provider will explain the delivery of the course to you or on their course page. Online theory using a training system is the most effective way to deliver the theory and less time consuming. The delivery of the practical should be for as long as it states on the course description. Avoid going for courses where large groups are accepted. Face to Face, remote learning and online courses are available in the industry, however, check the quality of the course from others before booking. You can use social media to ask for recommendations.

Educators/Trainers –
Educators that are associated with a brand or training provider should be listed on the website which means that they are verified to deliver those courses or alternatively if they are accredited, they are listed on the accreditation website, this then leaves no more for assumptions or confusion. 

Also never be afraid to ask to see the educator/trainers work and certificates and even insurance if needs be that way you can be assured that you are in safe hands. No questions should be too much for educators and they should be able to answer questions as after all they are experienced in the field that they are teaching in. 

Other factors to look out for would be: 

The quality of the resources, the educator’s experience and qualifications, quality of equipment used, the training environment, size of the class, course duration. All of these factors are important to look at before committing to purchasing a course and be prepared to comprise on quality and standards if any of these factors are not to your standards.

Sunshine Group UK, work really hard to improve on training standards and maintain quality assurance throughout the training process. All of our training systems come with assurance and verification through our unique audit trail. All Sunshine students have peace of mind when choosing Sunshine as their training provider as we devote all our time in improving our training standards and as the owner of Sunshine, I am always upskilling and updating my CPD to ensure I am giving everyone the up to date skills and knowledge within the industry. 

If you have any questions on wanting to do a course but not sure where to start, please just contact us, where we will be happy to help and assist you. 

Much Love 


MD of Sunshine Group UK