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Sunshine Goup UK Blog 1

Welcome to Sunshine Group UK

Hi and welcome to my first of many blogs.

Before I start a series of blogs focusing on industry standards, accreditation, insurance, teaching and learning styles, needs and outcomes, I thought I would give you all a brief introduction to the Sunshine Group UK.
The Sunshine Group UK was founded by its owner (Rhian Knowles) in 2009 as a mobile Hair & Beauty business which took off in the Somerset area, fast forward to 2015 when the education side of Sunshine was born and it has been evolving ever since, in 2017 is when Sunshine started to expand rapidly. Over the last 7 years Sunshine has gone from offering short courses in the somerset area to offering short courses internationally.

We have 50+ educators that are nationwide across Sunshine Training and Academy and newly established Official training academy in New Zealand. Alongside Sunshine Training, I decided to develop the sister companies to help bolster the business and has formed part of the Sunshine Group UK! 

Within the Sunshine Group UK, there are sub categories, which are:

·         Training

·         Academy 

·         Academy Start-Ups

·         Online Courses

·         Accreditation 

·         Merchandise 

·         Business 

·         Finance

·         Services
Sunshine will also be launching in the near future some new exciting avenues that will help with tightening the industry standards. That’s something that motivates me, and I strive for higher standards within the Hair & Beauty industry. Throughout the Sunshine Group UK, you will see constant quality assurance and verification ensuring the holder gets the recognition they deserve. Verification is something that I feel the industry needs but lacks in. So, whether you decide to become a Sunshine Student, a Sunshine Affiliated educator or looking to get accredited through you will have full verification to prove you took all the necessary steps needed to maintain highest industry standards. I hope this helped you understand who Sunshine Group UK is and our main goal is to better the industry through maintaining highest standards. 

Much Love
MD of Sunshine Group UK